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Why Me A Man?

Why Me A Man?




Why Me a Man?

by Mfan'zodlani?

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This compilation of texts is simply to motivate men in our society and remind them about the interesting leadership role that God has consigned to them and how their behavior as male should be, of which it doesn’t need any special training skill, instead it all comes naturally.

The book is inspired by personal experiences and general knowledge that happens to be our daily occurrences. Fundamentally should one find it a good book, then the credit goes to the Holy Ghost.

Men should enjoy being men without any guilt because they were created to be men, therefore they must live their lives freely knowing that it is a God-given right and, most importantly, bearing in mind that God is their only source of life who has a best way of how to live this life on this planet.

This manuscript can change a menace conduct of men in our society for the better, hence I encourage everyone to have this book because it is educational to both men and women. I wish young men can grasp important facts in this book and exercise it to see if it won’t help them to be focused and effective in life.




















Why Me a Man? Mfan'zodlani?

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Why Me a Man?

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